The project

This is a classic example of a project which, in the case, entirely follows the graphic, image and communication lines of the brand. The Namuri logo features a pearl which we have rendered three-dimensional in the reproduction on the lid of the case.


Materials used: Injection moulded plastic was used for the production of these cases, with a very high thickness, so as to give the idea of a product made of wood. This particular processing technique, by plastic injection, allowed us to achieve such high thicknesses only thanks to expanding resins and a special processing technique. The finish is a matt varnish, as if it were real wood, and the interiors are entirely hand-lined with glossy white satin.

Closure: The closure of the case, between the bottom and the lid, is achieved by simple friction between the satin of the inner lining and the outer structure of the lid. There is also a cardboard cover which is locked by a three-dimensional pearl on the lid.

Production time: 45 days for the design and 30 days for the production of batches of 500 pieces.


Width: 8 | 12.5 cm

Height: 4.5 | 5.5 cm

Depth: 8| 12.5 cm

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