The Concept

We put our Heart into it

This is what we do best! Precisely because we put our heart into it, every Franceschini package, from the smallest bag to the most precious wooden case, is conceived, designed and built to reflect the soul of the object it contains, the image of the company that chooses it and the philosophy that the brand expresses.

It is with this spirit that we turn to our customers, who become true partners in the production process, to help increase the emotion that, especially in the case of a piece of jewellery, it arouses in those who receive it as a gift. Strong feelings that only a product made with the heart, as well as designed with the mind, can convey.

Fundamental element

Supply Chain

Packaging is the first element that makes the brand perceived, elevating the object it contains and amplifying the emotions it will convey.

Over our many years of work we have always worked side by side with our customers trying, first of all, to perceive for ourselves the emotions conveyed by the brand and the object that our pack is to contain.

Our customers are not customers, but partners with whom we can grow in an increasingly competitive market, where differentiation is the winning weapon.

Fraceschini Italian Packaging Company - Concept Photo 2
Fraceschini Italian Packaging Company - Concept Photo 3
Fraceschini Italian Packaging Company - Concept Photo 5

Packaging that excites even before the jewel

Astonishment, surprise, wonder, happiness: in a word, emotion.
Giving a piece of jewellery means giving an emotion to the person receiving it, and if the packaging matches the jewel, the experience will be unique and the gift will go straight to the heart.