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Fraceschini Italian Packaging Company - Marina Franceschini Designing

Pure Creativity

It is the most stimulating phase of the whole creative process of a new packaging, maybe because it is pure creativity, but also because in this phase we become partners in our customers' project: we have to understand them and define with them the style to propose and the message that the consumer should perceive.

From Auditing

to the final product

The design process begins with the auditing phase, which we like to define as a true symbiosis with our client and which is immediately followed by the creation of photo-realistic drawings, which once shared and approved, represent the starting point for the actual technical design. Here we analyse materials and technological solutions, dimensions and proportions, until we arrive at the creation of a final prototype, from which production originates. 

Fraceschini Italian Packaging Company - Phase 1
Fraceschini Italian Packaging Company - Phase 4


More than 60 years of experience and continuous investments in technology have allowed us and still allow us to be a state-of-the-art company.
This means offering advantages to our customers: regardless of the project, we are able to use different production techniques, so as to meet the budget and quantity requirements that are requested of us and to always offer a "made in Italy" product with the right quality/price ratio.


All the materials we use are made in Italy and our suppliers provide us with an annual certification that guarantees 100% respect for the environment and the health of those who use them.
The wood finishing paints are entirely water-based, as are all the glues we use; the printing inks are non-toxic and, where possible, we use recycled material.