It is the people
make the difference

For over 60 years with the same passion

It was 1956 when Osvaldo Franceschini founded the company, contaminating it with his character, his passion and his creativity. His ambition to create a company that could fully embody Italian genius and obsessive attention to detail became contagious and immediately involved those around him.

So, in 1973 Osvaldo shared his project with his brother Umberto, creating Franceschini F.lli snc as we know it today. Umberto became the commercial soul of the company and, thanks to his human qualities, made it grow in the national market contributing to the diffusion of those values of fairness and honesty in which he and his brother have always believed.

A philosophy that has never changed

The company is still run by the Franceschini family and the same passion and values of its founders are shared and kept alive by Marina and Mauro.
It is people who make the difference: this is the company philosophy that after more than 60 years is still the strength of the Franceschini brand, allowing its products to stand out on international markets and not to fall into the trap of globalised homologation.

Fraceschini Italian Packaging Company - Staff

A united team

from passion

We like to work in a calm environment, made up of professionally qualified and close-knit people who share the company's strategy on a daily basis and contribute to its growth.

Mauro Franceschini - Franceschini F.lli Snc Packaging

Mauro Franceschini


I have been with the company since 1993, and I have experienced a generational transition that has not been gradual at all: initially I had to deal with a reality that I only knew because it was the family business.
I then became interested in design, followed exhibitions and publications, and this allowed me to practice designing new products, four-handedly with our customers.
My passion for technology still leads me to experiment with new equipment and machinery, always innovative and often not available on the market, in order to optimise the production process that originates from the project.
Marina Franceschini - Franceschini F.lli Snc Packaging

Marina Franceschini

Commercial Director

I've been with the company since 1998 and was immediately involved in commercial management. Even today I am still the contact person for all our customers and the management of their orders.
But my greatest passion is manual work, from my hands come all the prototypes that designers design.
I am also responsible for managing the production programme, organising and supervising it at all stages.

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