The project

The minimalist, simple, clean design stems from the client's precise indications in interpreting the image of their authoritative and essential product: diamonds. The choice of black was made in continuity with the image of the brand and the company.


Materials used: Plastic was used for the structure of the case, made using the injection moulding technique. Thanks to the use of expanding resins and an innovative processing technique, we were able to produce the product with a very high thickness, which gives the case the weight and consistency typical of wooden products. The outer surface has also been treated as if it were wood, with a soft-touch varnish. These choices have created a casket that looks like wood, but the plastic used and the speed of processing have made it possible to reduce the final costs by 50%. The interiors are made entirely by hand with velvet-like fabric and the attention to detail typical of Franceschini's work.

Closure: The closure of the case, between the bottom and the lid, is achieved by simple friction between the velvet of the inner lining and the outer structure of the lid.

Production time: It took us about 30 days to finalise the design and submit several prototypes to the customer for approval, until the final one was defined. A further 30 days were needed for the injection moulding phase. We deliver in batches of around 1000 pieces every 30 days.


Width: 7.5 | 11 | 14 cm

Height: 7 | 10 | 12 cm

Depth: 7.5 | 11 | 14 cm

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