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Cleaning products

Hagerty and Franceschini together to give you the best products available on the market.
How many times have you had the need to clean and take care of a valuable object and didn't know which product to use for fear of damaging it?
Now you have no more doubts and problems with Hagerty products!
Specially studied and tested to clean gently, without damaging or even protecting your most precious objects.

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Discover all Franceschini products
for your valuables!

Antioxidant silverware bags

Franceschini silverware bags are made of antioxidant and scratch-resistant material.

Non-oxidising silverware bags

Franceschini's non-oxidising silverware bags are made of chamois and non-scratch fabric.

Antioxidant cutlery cloths

Franceschini cutlery cloths are made of antioxidant material

Non-oxidising cutlery cloths

Franceschini's non-anti-oxidising cutlery cloths are made of chamois and non-scratch fabric.

Jewellery rolls

Franceschini jewellery rolls are the ideal solution for storing and protecting your valuables

Watch cases

Franceschini's watch cases are the simplest and most elegant way to store your watches